Food Vendor Application

Welcome to the Jimboomba Country Market Food Alley!  We would love you to take part in this fabulous monthly event.

There are just a couple of requirements before you are able to apply to have a food vendor site with us.

  • You must have your own Insurances and Food Licences and be able to attach them to your submission
  • You must be able to attach photos of your Current Market Setup
  • You must also be able to provide an exact list of what your food items you will be selling.
  • We will not accept the following food items as the P&C sell these items:  Hamburgers, Bacon & Egg Burgers, Sausage Sizzle

If you are able to meet these criteria, we would welcome your submission.  There are very limited Food Vendor sites available, and selections will be offered to those who meet the criteria, and who we believe will fit in with everything that the Market has to offer.

Food Trucks:

Please note, you MUST be able to provide your own power for these events.
  • Your website URL. If none please leave blank.
  • Your Facebook business page URL. If none please leave blank.
  • Please describe your product
  • Please provide size and dimensions of your Food van / Truck / Stall
  • Please provide photos of your Market Setup
  • Please attach a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Please attach a copy of your Food Services Licences