Casual Stall Holders

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Would you like to have a Casual Site with us?  As of the July 2016, you can now also prebook your site before Market Day. 


Steps for becoming a Casual Stall Holder:

Prebooking a Site:

If you would like to Prebook a site with us, please fill out the Prebooking Form .  Once your booking has been received and confirmed you will be issued with a invoice for payment of your site fee (and insurance if required).  Payment can be made via Direct Deposit, Paypal, or Credit Card over the phone.

Once payment has been confirmed by the Market Coordinator, you will then be sent an email with your site number, site map, access gates & times along with all information you may need.

Waiting List:

If you would like to still pre-book a site with us, and you have missed the Prebooking cutoff, please fill out our Waiting List Form .   If we have available sites and your booking is confirmed you will be issued with a invoice for payment of your site fee (and insurance if required).  Payment can be made via Direct Deposit, Paypal, or Credit Card over the phone.

Bookings can also be made by calling the Market Coordinator on 0488793799.  Please leave a message and the Coordinator will return your call as soon as possible.  If you do chose this option after Wednesday of market week, you will be required to pay Credit card over the phone.

WE STILL ACCEPT DRIVE-IN CASUALS ON THE DAY!  If you would like to still take this option then you line up on the Mt Lindsay Hwy Entrance to the Jimboomba State School and we open the gate at 5.30am.  We close this gate at 6.00am.  Payment is required at the gate as access to our markets is not prohibited without payment.  We only accept CASH for Drive-in Casuals.

Casual Stall Holder Terms and Conditions 2017

The Jimboomba Country Markets operate on the third (3rd) Saturday of each month on the grounds of the Jimboomba State School.  Markets run from February until December.  These markets are a fundraiser for the school, and all proceeds benefit our children.


                             **NO DOGS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS**  



The P&C Association has Public Liability Insurance to cover its own market activities.  All Stallholders are required to hold current Insurance to cover their own market activities.  If you do not have Public Liability Insurance, you have the option to pay an additional charge on top of your site fee of $10.00 which will cover you on our policy.

  • Casual Stallholders
    • With Insurance, a current copy to be attached to your application or waiting list forms
    • Without Insurance, an additional Insurance fee of $10 will be added to your payment amount

Casual Stallholders: -

Single Site - $35.00 per market (Approx 6m x 6m) (+ $10 Public Liabilty Insurance If Required)

Double Site - $70.00 per market (Approx 12m x 6m)(+ $10 Public Liabilty Insurance If Required)

Please ensure you have either filled out the Prebooking Form, or Waiting List Form in order to be allocated a site.  Bookings can also be made via the Market Coordinator on 0488793799.

You are required to bring all your own equipment, including, gazebo, chairs, tables, and any other necessary equipment relevant to your site.  The Jimboomba State School P&C provide the site ONLY.  NO GENERATORS, Except by Prior arrangement.

As per requirements from the Department of Bio Security, if you are a plant seller you will also be issued with additional information on Myrtle Rust and Fire Ants.

Please note, you will be required to pay your site fee on Receipt of your Invoice.  Payment can be made via Direct Deposit, Paypal, Credit Card, or Credit Card over the phone.

All Stall Holders:

  • Each site is APPROX 6m frontage x 6m deep.

(The Market Management reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of any sites as may be necessary and to withdraw any site allocation without notice).

Set Up and Pack Down:

  • Unfortunately we have had several complaints about stall holders packing up before the designated closing time of 12:00pm. Because of this there will now be a $20 penalty issued to those disregarding this time. If you fail to pay this $20 on the spot fee, you will no longer be permitted to have a stall at these markets.
  • Stall holders must be set up by 7:00am and CANNOT drive through the grounds until after 12:00pm unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Pack up must not commence until 12:00pm unless prior arrangements have been made, or inclement weather make it necessary. Please use your own discretion regarding your stock and weather conditions.
  • All stall holders must be out of school grounds before 2:00pm on Market Day, all gates are locked after this time, and keys for unlocking are unavailable.  

Food and Drink:

  • The P&C reserve the right to sell all food and cold drinks as a school fundraiser.
  • All stall holders selling Food MUST be prepared in accordance with food handling requirements
  • All homemade pre-packaged food MUST have adequate labelling detailing ingredients, allergens, made on and used by dates.
  • No food or drinks are to be sold unless specific arrangements have been made with the market coordinator.

Sale of Birds and Animals – to be as per RSPCA Guidelines:

  • There is to be a supply of clean fresh water and food at all times.
  • Animals must be housed securely, with adequate room and shade.
  • All purchased animals must be handed over to the owner in a safe secure receptacle for transportation.


  • There are to be no displays or sales of lewd, sexually suggestive or foul language items on any stall.
  • Tobacco products and smoking utensils are not to be displayed or sold.
  • No pirated goods e.g. DVDs, clothing, or CDs are allowed to be sold. We invite Dept. of Consumer Affairs to have regular inspections of our markets.
  • Your responsibility regarding the sale of counterfeit goods – you cannot sell or offer for sale goods or merchandise that infringes any copyright, trademark or design.
  • All stall holders must have a refund or replacement policy for new or second – hand merchandise purchased by the market customer.
  • You are expected to obey the law at all times; any illegal activities will not be tolerated.

Electrical and Second Hand Goods:

  • All stall holders must ensure that all power leads and electrical appliances displayed have a current safety tag as required under the Workplace Health and Safety Act. Failing this, the stall holder must display a sign advertising that there is no responsibility taken for faulty items by the Market Management Committee.

Bad Weather:

  • In the event of bad weather, permanent stallholders will be notified of any cancellations via a group text message, or email if there is an address on their registration form. Otherwise please contact the Market Coordinator on 0488 793 799 before 2pm the day prior to the Market.
  • There will also be notifications on our Facebook Page and our website


  • Samples can be opened, arranged or cut for display or tasting at the Market provided they are properly stored and or served in accordance with food handling requirements.
  • Samples cannot be sold, but may be offered for tasting on a 'free of charge' basis.

Political, Religious and social issues:

  • Stall holders may pass out free literature on religious and social issues if requested. There is to be no preaching / soap boxing of religious, political or social issues at the markets

Fire Ants:

  • Any stall holder that comes from the restricted areas identified in the attached map, must display a sign saying they come from the restricted areas that have a greater chance of having Fire Ants.

Bananas and Protected Plants:

  • Bananas, Sugarcane and other protected plants are not to be sold at the Jimboomba Country Markets.

COMPLAINTS ABOUT ANY STALLHOLDER CONDUCT OR BUSINESS PRACTICES MAY RESULT IN EXPULSION FROM THE MARKETS.  All Complaints will be investigated; any stallholder conduct or business practice that is not compliant with Market Rules or is deemed inappropriate by the Market Management will be issued a FIRST AND FINAL letter of warning.  If the situation is not rectified, this will result in expulsion from the markets.  

NB – For Notification of Absences and other queries regarding stalls, a message can be left for our Market Coordinator on 0488 793 799.  This phone is manned 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. 

 We welcome you and urge you to please comply with these terms and conditions, as they are designed to provide you with a pleasant and successful venue to sell your wares.

Prebooking of a Causal Site:

If you are interested in prebooking a casual site, please fill out the prebooking form.


If you are unable to attend once you have paid for your site and you notify the Market Coordinator on 0488 793 799 by Thursday 5pm then your fees will be transferred over to the following month.  If you fail to attend and fail to contact the Market Coordinator your fees will be forfeited.

If you have any concerns or need any further information please contact the Market Coordinator on 0488 793 799 or by email at [email protected]